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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Keep Your Snail Mail Safe With the Mr. Postman WiFi Connected Mailbox, Yes The One at the End of Your Driveway

Mail theft is no joke. Keep your mail and packages safe from thieves with Mr. Postman, the Kickstarter campaign for a smart, secure Wi-Fi enabled mailbox. It brings snail map into the 21st century! The smart mailbox will keep your mail and packages safe and will track them for you. It also provides additional security like a keyless locking system and tampering alert in case of any suspicious activity happening. The mailbox sends updates to its app to let you know when outgoing mail has been picked up or when new mail is delivered, making it great for when you’re out of town and want a friend or neighbor to grab your mail for you.

You can send them a one-tim virtual key via text or email so they can get it for you at their convenience. When your packages arrive, you’ll receive a notice on your smartphone letting you know that they’re waiting for you in your mailbox. Since it’s  3 1/2″ wider than the standard mailbox, it can fit more packages, allowing the mailman to deliver all your stuff safely without having to leave them unsecured at your door. Plus, it’s also pretty stylish and looks good, unlike traditional mailboxes, with its recessed door, which also better protects your goods from the elements. You can choose from bronze, silver or pewter, as well as the standard and sophisticated black. Get your own by pledging $200 or more.


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