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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Athene Bracelet Features Charger and USB Drive

Wearable tech is big right now and the Athene Bracelet from Indiegogo is another stylish gadget that comes with a charger and  8 GB flash drive. You’re never be caught without a charger, flash drive or transfer cable drive again with utility style bracelet. There are separate versions for both iPhone and Android, with both versions working the same as a standard USB cable to transfer files, charge phones and sync the device to computers. It has 8GB of space for transferring and storing files. Besides the tech features, it’s made from original leather and has a sleek design for fashion forward users. IT can be adjusted from 18-22 cm and can be used by both sexes. It’s a great addition to anyone who don’t want to carry carry charging cables as well as thumb drives with them, every time they travel. Pledge $25 or more to get your own.


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